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Tip 1: Never Over-Mow! If you cut your grass too short in one single mowing session, and that is, if you cut more than one third off of its length, be sure that your lawn will begin losing its strength. Not only does taller grass help avoid weed infestation, but it also enables the grass roots to grow deeper and stronger, thus resulting in a much healthier turf. So as a rule, if for some reason you skipped a couple of mowing sessions, never try to compensate by over-mowing.

Tip 2: Watering: Meticulous watering, less frequently, is much preferred over recurrent light watering, since the latter results in the growth of shallow grass roots and thus to a flimsy grass.

Tip 3: Fight Crabgrass:  Apply pre-emergent herbicide prior to the germination period (Mar.15th – Apr.1st).

Tip 4: Fertilize With Care:  In order to fight all sorts of unwanted pests, make sure to fertilize with extreme care.  Inconsiderate fertilization could be environmentally hazardous. Here is some information to consider: The amount as well as the quality of fertilizer used is key! Highly soluble fertilizers such as urea and ammonium nitrate should be avoided. A gradually-releasing nitrogen-based fertilizer should be used at a specific time of the year (two to three times in the fall). This reduces the excessive washing away of fertilizers into the surrounding ecosystem.

Tip 5: Practice Aeration:  Aeration is the method during which small plugs of soil are removed from your lawn, opening up little holes. This method is beneficial in a number of ways. It enables seeds to get where they need to get (deep into the soil) and it also helps fertilizers reach those seeds much more effectively. Roots are able to grow significantly deeper and water can get to them much faster.
Aeration should be performed once yearly, during the autumn months and can be done with the use of rentable tools. It is best to use tools that remove soil plugs rather than tools which just poke holes in the soil. Make sure to water thoroughly before and after the process.

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Tip 6: Use “Over-Seeding:” “Over-Seeding” is the method during which grass areas are showered by new seed. This method ensures a much more effective germination, it helps roots grow stronger and it enables the grass to pack up on food supplies ready to be used in the spring. “Over-seed” in the beginning of the autumn months and choose your seed wisely.
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