For a healthy, beautiful yard all year long utilize our maintenance plans!

Not only can we take care of any single task in your yard, but we can keep our services ongoing, year-round. Following specifically designed maintenance plan, custom to your specific needs, we keep your yard looking great as the seasons change without you having to break a sweat!

You can utilize our pre-made, fixed plans to cover the essentials (and more) or we can meet with you and design your very own special maintenance plan according to your needs.



Our Basic Lawn Service Plan

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Recycle! For a healthier planet and for your own economic benefit, let us show you how to create your own compost mound in your backyard. Rather than disposing your yard’s waste, transform it into rich mulch ready to be used.


More About Custom Plans

Our team is willing and ready to meet up with you discuss the construction of a special maintenance plan for your yard.

Simply tell us which lawn care tasks you enjoy performing (such as planting the bulbs for example), and which lawn care tasks you least like (such as fertilizing for example).

We will then construct a plan, in which you are meant to perform all the tasks you like, year 'round, while we are take care of all the ones you dislike!

Some of our fixed plans include:

  • Maintenance plans catering to seasonal changes
  • Fertilization plans
  • Weed treatment plans
  • Seeding plans
  • Aeration plans
  • Turf strengthening plans